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Large Country Property

Geo Green Group are up to any challenge whether it’s a large scale commercial project or a personal domestic installation.

One of our clients lives in a beautiful large farmhouse in Gloucestershire, nestled in an idyllic countryside setting. Wanting to slash his energy bills whilst doing his bit to contribute to his lovely surroundings, he contacted Geo Green Group to discuss his plans. Since this was a large domestic installation and the property was listed and in a sensitive area, quality technology that was aesthetically pleasing was essential.
Due to the listed status of the property, planning permission was required for the installation of the solar PV array. Geo Green Group always look after the planning process on behalf of our customers and are happy to include this as part of our turn-key solution.

Planning permission was granted and the system was installed and commissioned within 2 weeks.
Our client is now able to enjoy the rewards of his investment; £278,558.00 income and savings over the next 20 years!


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