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Office Ground Source Heat Pumps Installation

Geo Green Group were recently contacted by a customer, who owned an office building in Leicestershire and wanted to reduce their carbon footprint. Within a week Geo Green Group visited the property, carried out surveys on the existing heating and electrical system and designed and quoted for a 12kW Ground Source Heat Pump along with a 25kW Solar PV system. The system was designed so the solar would supply power to the heat pump, as well as the office, so that the heat pump could effectively produce heat for free whilst attracting the generous RHI payment on every kWh.

“It was important to us that there was minimal impact to the office routine and work could continue as normal. Geo Green surpassed our expectations. They delivered excellent service and were very efficient. There was very little disruption. Not only have we reduced our emissions and are now saving on our utility bills, we are also receiving and ROI of 15-20% per annum!"

We were recently informed by the office that they have not paid a single utility bill for the last 9 months!


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