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Battery Storage Systems

Battery storage and battery back-up systems enable you to store surplus electricity generated during the day to use at night or when there is a demand for the power, reducing your electricity costs even further. If you produce more energy than you can use and store you can still feed the surplus into the grid. Another perk of a battery back-up system is that in the event of a power cut your battery system will continue to feed your property and also keep your solar PV system generating.

Installing a battery storage system will allow you to monitor, optimise and manage exactly how you use the power you have generated. Our battery storage systems consist of SMA or Fronius battery controllers and Lead Acid or Lithium-ion deep-cycle, long life batteries with 10 year warranties. Whether you’re looking for an off-grid solution including a back-up generator or a battery back-up system to keep the lights on in a power cut, we can guarantee that our designers and engineers can offer you the perfect system to match your requirements and your budget.

Geo Green Group can design a bespoke energy storage system to suit your requirements. Whether you're looking for a 250kWh UPS system for your factory to keep necessary equipment running in the event of a power cut, or you're looking for a small storage unit for your home to increase your solar power consumption, we can install the right system for you.

SMA Battery Storage Systems

SMA Battery Storage and Inverter Systems allow you to store the surplus energy that you aquire throughout the day with your Renewable Energy System. You can save this energy to use at a time when you need it, either during high demand periods during the day, or at night. This helps to reduce your energy consumption even further, and therefore reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint!

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Fronius Battery Storage Systems

Fronius Battery Storage and Back-Up Systems enable you to store any surplus electricity generated during the day for use at night or when there is an increased demand for power. If you produce more energy you can store, then you're able to feed the surplus back into the grid, helping you to lower your electricity bills even further. 

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