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Commercial Solar Panels

It's a constant business requirement to find ways to control costs and increase profits. Some commercial businesses have already started to investigate and realise the huge potential income stream available from solar energy. By simply utilising the space on your buildings roof, you can install Solar Power generators and start producing solar energy.

The supermarket chain, Aldi UK, are a perfect example of a business who has seen the environmental, financial and public relationship enhancing benefits of going green. They recently pledged to install over 11,000 solar panels on more than 50 of its stores by the end of 2017, with the aim of eventually fitting photovoltaic panels to all 9 of its regional distribution centres and more than 275 stores across the UK! 

Why Choose Commercial Solar Panels?

  • Huge potential income stream.
  • Installing a qualifying small system in the UK you will get paid around 14 pence for every kWh of Solar energy you generate, regardless of whether you use it yourself or export it to other users.
  • The legislation ensures that the return in FIT payments will represent an average of 10% per annum tax free against the initial set up cost.
  • Solar PV is a reliable & safe investment vehicle that provides returns exceeding those of traditional low risk financial products such as savings accounts, ISA’s, Gilts, etc.

For more information see the Solar Power Investment Potential or contact our team today on 0800 988 3188.

Commercial Solar Power Energy Expertise

Commercial Solar Panel

The Geo Green Group are specialists in large scale Commercial Solar Panel systems, so we understand the needs of commercial businesses. We understand that you need a single point of contact to manage and maintain your contract, that you need a complete service where each step is known, planned for and advised in advance.

We know that keeping disruption to an absolute minimum is essential for you to be able to maintain the day to day running of your business, and we understand that quality and price will be drivers in your decision making process. 

What is a large scale Commercial Solar Panel system?

It could be a single site installation of significant size (say over 160 square metres), or it could be the installation of many small systems across a number of sites as part of a rolling project. Either way, great planning and communication along with a highly responsive, 'can do' approach have made Geo Green Group the ideal partner for you.

Large Scale Solar Panel Projects

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

We can take care of large scale solar panel projects from start to finish as part of a turnkey solution, or we can work along with architects, lead contractors, and building consultants to satisfy their brief. We will gladly discuss your project even if it is just to provide a broad range of options and ideas.

We know from experience that large scale projects demand specific knowledge injection and planning, therefore we encourage you to involve us as early as possible. Having said that, we are a solutions provider and if the need for Solar PV has only just been identified, we will be able to offer some creative solutions to facilitate it's inclusion.


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Please contact us today for more information regarding our Commercial Solar Panels and large scale Solar Power Business Projects. Call us for free on 0800 988 3188 or fill in our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you.

Micropropagation Services

When Nottinghamshire nurseryman Neal Wright needed to build 6500 sq m acres of greenhouse he had to do it within a tight budget, but he was also determined to make a positive impact on the environment. Since he and his wife Barbara started Micropropagation Services as a wholesale nursery supplier in 1985 they have grown their business as well as their plants – to the extent that they now produce over a million plants each year and have needed to expand their facilities.

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