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NIBE F1245


  • Multicolour Display
  • NIBE Uplink Ready
  • Available in Sizes 5-15kW
  • Extraordinarily High Efficiency
  • Smart Grid Ready
  • Speed Controlled Circulation Pumps for Optimised Heating

NIBE F1245 is one of a new generation of heat pumps, designed to supply your heating needs in an cost efficient, environmentally friendly way. Thanks to an integrated hot water heater, immersion heater, circulation pumps and a control system, the heat is produced safely and economically.

The heat pump can be connected to a low temperture heat distribution system such as radiators, convectors or underfloor heating. It is also prepared for connection to several different products and accessories e.g. extra hot water heater, free cooling, ventilation recovery, pool and other heating systems.

The NIBE F1245 is equipped with a control unit which cost effectively and safely maintains a comfortable temperature in the home. Clear information about status, operation time and all temperatures in the heat pump are shown on the large and easy-to-read display. 

21 NOV 2017

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