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Heating Engineers - Boiler Installations

Renewable energy installations require quality workmanship and as you’d imagine 99% of our installers come from within the construction industry, whether they’re plumbers, electricians or heating engineers. So the good news is it doesn’t matter if you don’t want any solar panels right now, we can still look after you. Whether your existing boiler needs a service or you’d like to replace your entire central heating system with a conventional gas fired boiler or a heat pump system we are here to help!

Finding a reliable gas engineer is becoming more and more difficult. Whether you’re confronted with long lead times, poor workmanship or hefty quotes, finding the right contractor isn’t easy! Fortunately at Geo Green Group we have teams of fully employed engineers ready to install your new boiler system for you. Whether it's a conventional system or an environmentally friendly biomass boiler system, we're here to help! The good news is they’re all friendly, efficient and trained to the highest industry standards. Oh, and we’re really competitive too!

Why us?

Short lead times

Finding a good contractor isn’t too difficult, but finding a good contractor that’s available within the next 3 months is where it gets hard! Fortunately at Geo Green Group our lead times are much, much shorter than average. There’s a few reasons why this is the case; dedicated office staff so our engineers don’t have to do their own paperwork, large network of engineers, dedicated in-house procurement so no hanging around waiting for parts. We’re quick and efficient, without sacrificing the quality of our work.

Heating Engineers

Heating Engineers

Comprehensive paperwork

I think it’s fair to say that the average contractor would admit that paperwork isn’t their forte! But at Geo Green Group we have a dedicated office team who look after all the paperwork for our engineers so they don’t have to. We offer full comprehensive quotations, transparent invoicing and all the relevant warranty information for your installation. Oh and if anything goes wrong or you’re not 100% happy with something, you can call our office and we’ll always pick up!

Competitive Pricing

I know it’s hard to believe but even though you get everything above included, we’re still very competitive. Because of our ever growing network of engineers we’re installing MW’s of boilers a year which means we get the most competitive pricing from our manufacturers. Due to us being a larger company we’re streamlined and therefore more efficient which means less time wasted on site. Less time on site, means less labour cost for you.

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Geo Green Group install the most energy efficient conventional boilers-even in an emergency. One customer, who was developing a site of 16 domestic properties, had the irritating (yet not unusual) situation of his Installer letting him down last minute. However, Geo Green Group came to the rescue and we managed to install 16 boilers in just two weeks!

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Join the Group (Service Contract)

At Geo Green Group we like to look after our customers as much as we can and our warranties and guarantees speak for themselves. However we can’t take responsibility for other people’s work so even if we service your boiler we can’t offer the same guarantees that we can on a heating system we installed. However from just £9.99/month that can all change.

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Nest Pro Installers

Fancy being in control of your home whether you’re at work, on the road, or in another country? With Nest you’ll have your home in your hand!

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