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Underfloor Heating

We supply and install a complete range of underfloor heating products and systems including underfloor heating manifolds, underfloor heating pipe, underfloor heating thermostats and controls and a wide range of underfloor heating accessories.

Quite simply underfloor heating is a system that uses pipes below the floor to circulate warm water producing a heat source capable of heating the air above it to any required temperature. Underfloor Heating (UFH) is a form of radiant heating meaning that the heat emitted from the floor warms people and other objects in rooms rather than directly heating the air as is the case with radiators (convection heating), reducing energy consumption.

It is now widely agreed by architects, developers and homeowners alike that underfloor heating is the system of choice for both domestic and commercial properties and developments.

Energy savings

Underfloor heating systems offer complete control. The property owner has the ability to set the temperature in individual rooms or zones independently using programmable room thermostats allowing complete control and comfort.

For example, in a typical domestic setting some rooms such as the kitchen and living room are used more frequently than other rooms. Why heat rooms that aren't being used? By installing independent controls in each of the rooms the homeowner can choose which areas they want to heat, when they want to heat them and for how long. This reduces the amount of energy used by eliminating unnecessary heating where it is not required.

Underfloor heating has made it possible to reduce energy consumption by also using lower water temperatures for heating (40 degrees avg). Energy savings from 15-40% can be achieved and the installation costs are similar to a conventional radiator system. Underfloor heating systems combine perfectly with heat pumps due to the lower water temperatures which means not only will you save money, you’ll also make money through the RHI payments. Click here for more information on our heat pumps.


We’re used to radiators now, but let’s face it they aren’t the prettiest of things! Underfloor heating systems are tucked out of site under the floor. The manifold and system controls are compact and located out of sight. Also underfloor systems don’t make any noise so no creaky noises in the middle of the night!


Installation is simple and efficient, especially if you’re building or redeveloping a new property. Even if you’re retrofitting a system into your property it’s really very simple. We can even install over your existing floor with our overfloor systems.


Quality products and installation is key and at Geo Green Group we’ve sourced technology from some of the most reputable and experienced manufacturers in the world.

Emetti - underfloor heating suppliers. European manufacturers, 30 years experience, high quality but competitive etc.

Heatmiser Smart heating controls. Controlling your homes heating on the move is becoming more and more of a common luxury. With the heatmiser system you can change your heating as and when you change your plans, wherever, whenever!

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